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Mixed-use development at the Paz Bridge complex, Haifa

The planned complex, approx. 50 dunams in size, is on the northern-main business center Haifa route, and comprises the tip of the Haifa’s developing main business center route. It is also a “bridge” point between the slopes of the Carmel and the future development in the direction of Shemen Beach. An upper promenade for pedestrians that passes over Highway 4 is also being developed there. The complex is built according to its main elevation lines and borders. The main internal route in it connects the residential buildings, the building to be preserved, and the education complex on elevation line 12, and the upper promenade on the high line develops from this horizontal elevation line. A neighborhood with around 600 residential units is being developed from both sides of this elevation line, at a level and size intended for home improvers from the area. Also, neighborhood commerce functions and services for the community are located in this segment. The complex’s western block, on the other side of Highway 4, includes an office building around 10,000 m2 in area, next to another tower for commerce, offices, and residences at a higher level. Like in other Haifa municipality projects in the main business center, an emphasis was placed on creating a neighborhood that preserves historical construction (a secondary station building that was designed by architect Richard Kauffmann in 1925).

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