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Commercial Spaces Design

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One of the most sought-after architecture and interior design fields in the modern era is commercial design, and planning public buildings and commercial areas, such as designing residential neighborhoods, hotels, commercial plazas and malls, employment campuses, logistic centers, and various commercial centers for public institutions, like government offices, design and renovation of banks, museums, educational institutions, libraries, and more.

This architectural field includes the principles of modern architecture that combine aspects of preliminary architectural design and the design needs of the building’s interior, which will serve the people who work in and visit the building. Also, aspects of modern design for planning or designing commercial spaces place special emphasis on designing the open spaces in the building and designing the various spaces for the general public’s access.

Commercial design for public buildings

Designing public buildings and planning commercial design must be conducted by architecture firms that deal with and specialize in this field following a preliminary characterization of the building’s needs according to its purpose, location, how it is run on an ongoing basis, the various systems that are supposed to be inside it, and so forth. Moreover, the process of designing commercial spaces incorporates various aspects associated with enhancing the customer’s individual shopping experience at the commercial center, including functional design of the access paths to the center, convenience of use of the center’s various facilities, creating interesting and attractive architectural elements, and so forth.

These processes, which are implemented by a team of architects who are leaders in their field, include optimal planning of the building and its facilities for all of its future uses. Furthermore, extensive emphasis is placed on blending the building in with the urban landscape of the public space in which it is located and as part of the landscape architecture and optimal planning of the open spaces.

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