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“Arranging objects in a given space is the essence of architecture and design”
Christopher Wren, one of Britain’s leading architects in the 18th century.

Designing offices in the modern era

Designing offices in the modern era is a professional endeavor that combines aspects of office design and interior design for offices. This must be done in complete coordination with the characteristics of the existing space (size, location, etc.) and the needs of the day-to-day work at the office.

Nowadays, modern office design pays special attention to creating an ergonomic environment to adapt the space and the various items in it to the principles of ergonomics (human engineering), which is actually the interface and relationship between humans and the environment. Therefore, the modern office environment must be planned and designed by an architectural firm that deals and specializes in office design processes that are suited to the demands of modern work.

Designing high-tech offices: The differences in the various design styles

Interior office design is a broad definition of all the design aspects and/or the changes required in the space, and the different design styles are determined according to what types of activities / work will be conducted in the intended space. These design styles are meant to differentiate and individualize each office environment and they incorporate the requisite design aspects for it, whether you want to design an office that is luxurious, prestigious, minimalist, conservative, modern, urban, etc.

It’s important to remember that there is a fundamental difference between interior design style for a law or accounting firm and high-tech office or open space office, which require creative planning of the shared workspace, which requires a certain degree of intimacy for each employee, versus interior design for an office in a more traditional style, like offices for a law or accounting firm.

However, we have been witnessing a trend in recent years of professionals in traditional fields like accountants and lawyers who want to introduce modernization and elements of high-tech design in their offices.

Furthermore, there is a fundamental difference between planning and/or designing offices located on the ground floor, where an emphasis is also placed on access paths to the office and creating a space that connects the office interior to the street and/or the land on which it is located.

Therefore, interior office design, whether for startup companies or for various prestigious firms and companies like law, medicine, consulting and strategy, etc. must be done by architects and interior designers who are leaders in their fields and possess the right knowledge and experience.

Our firm specializes in interior design for businesses and institutions of all types and sizes, from small startup companies to large organizations with thousands of employees. Combined with a creative spirit and more than 20 years of rich professional experience and close and customized service.

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