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Public Buildings Design

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Architecture of public buildings includes offices, malls, medical clinics, community centers, and various buildings and institutions that serve the general public, as opposed to architecture of private homes and buildings. However, designing public and commercial buildings focuses on urban and architectural design meant for public use and building preservation, therefore the public building must be built according to the terrain, infrastructures, construction permits, etc.

These are conducted as part of advanced public construction mainly in designing the entrance to the building, the building’s infrastructures, designing the building’s interior spaces, the grounds outside the building, and more. These processes are in order to plan a public building that is intended for the public’s use and convenience and different people to safely use the building on a daily basis.

Dunsky Architects has extensive experience in public construction that includes professional planning and design of public buildings. Some of our projects involving architecture of public buildings include the Israel Electric Corporation, Bank of Israel, Google-Waze, Air Force Museum, and more.

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