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Renewed Urban Architectural Design

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The State of Israel is currently in its 70s and is characterized, among other things, by processes of urban renewal in each of its major cities. Among other things, this industry aims to renew urban architectural design that is suited to the saturated construction in Israel’s major cities, alongside urban planning intended for functional adaptation between the urban sphere of the large cities and the public’s needs.

Urban renewal is carried out, among other ways, by redesigning cities according to land zoning changes by the planning and construction committees in every local municipality in the country and through private real estate initiatives as part of TAMA (National Outline Plan) 38 projects, which is a national plan to reinforce existing buildings against earthquakes and TAMA (National Outline Plan) 39, which is a national plan to demolish existing buildings in order to build residential, industrial, or commercial buildings. Each of the above projects must have construction permits granted by the planning and construction committee in charge of the urban jurisdiction the building is located in.

Urban renewal throughout the State of Israel

Until recent years, urban renewal was conducted mainly in the big cities likes Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, but the saturated construction characterizing all Israeli cities caused an extensive emphasis to be placed on urban renewal as part of stringent architectural design in every Israeli city and town, also in new residential neighborhoods to adapt them to urban design needs of a city or town undergoing a makeover.

Architectural design for various urban renewal projects is currently implemented by different architecture firms that specialize in urban planning. Some of the services these firms offer include planning open areas and creating the urban connection between the planned and/or existing building and the open urban space and its intended use and purpose.

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