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About the studio


Dunsky Architects and Urban Planners was founded in 1993 by architect and urban planner Zvi Dunsky.

The firm is engaged in a variety of high-quality architecture and interior design projects for businesses and institutions, property improvement, urban renewal, building and landscape design.

The firm’s creative spirit is anchored in its rich professional experience, and in close and customized service.

Zehavit Spitzer-Zohar is in charge of the firm’s professional management. Zehavit is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s School of Architecture.

“Arranging objects in a given space is the essence of architecture and design”

Christopher Wren, one of Britain’s leading architects in the 18th century

Zvi Dunsky

Zvi Dunsky was born in Haifa and graduated with a B.Arch., cum laude, in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture, and a Master of Building Design (M.S.B.D.) from the School of Architecture at Columbia University in New York.

Before Zvi founded the firm in 1993, he worked in the United States, Germany, and Israel, at the leading firms of Moshe Safdie, Ada Karmi-Melamede, Davis Brody Bond in New York, and Yahalom-Zur in Tel Aviv.

Zehavit Spitzer-Zohar

Zehavit Spitzer-Zohar was born in Tel Aviv and received her B.Arch., cum laude, from the David Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University.

Zehavit is a registered and licensed architect with years of experience as a senior architect at leading firms in Israel, and in managing large design teams, planning complex projects, and teaching.

She is currently the Head of the Architecture and Interior Design program at the Campus Engineering and Technology Studies college.

Our team

Tamar Sclare Tertman

Yael Volvolski

Ronnie Strugo

Sapir Polak

About the studio



Dunsky-Chen Architects LTD | 1994 – 1999 |

Dunsky-Kornhauser Architects LTD | 2008 - 2011 |

Dunsky-Kornhauser Architects (Polska) | 2008 - 2011 |

DGA LTD | 2011 - 2015 |

Zehavit Spitzer-Zohar | 2016 - Today |

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