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Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv – Mixed-use complex

The Israel Electric Corporation has a 117 dunam-plot in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv. The area connects the Ramat Hachayal-Atidim employment area (north-south route) and Neve Sharet - Yarkon Park (east-west route). The urban improvement that the project aims for is to create arrays of buildings that link the buildings and the open public areas (pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, open parks), which organize the other uses. This link has a paramount role since it comprises the skeleton supporting all the components, and addresses Tel Aviv’s valid outline plan. The construction concept creates continuous arcades along the pedestrian and access route, which accompany commercial, business, and restaurant areas along the roads and public gardens, on the two main traffic routes. Urban improvement and urban renewal Buildings speak in a modern architectural language, and have complex geometries that enable the creation of a rich and diverse tapestry. A total of 752 residential units are planned, 250,000 m2 of offices and employment, and another 3 underground parking lots. This is alongside a lot for a school that will connect Neve Sharet to the developing construction.

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